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Frankfurt am Main
Stadt Frankfurt am Main



Ein Haus für Goethe

A House for Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(Frankfurt am Main 1749-Weimar 1832)
German writer and polymath; considered by many to be the most important writer in the German language and one of the most important thinkers in Western culture
Eduardo Chillida

Frankfurt am Main /  Ein Haus für Goethe   Frankfurt am Main /  Ein Haus für Goethe


Concrete monumental, 3 x 6 x 8 meter tall sculpture which is open to the front and top. Plane surfaces are combined with geometric openings to form a semi-enclosed space. Two areas are connected by an arch, which symbolizes a bridge between space and time. This is reminiscent of the open apse of a Romanesque church, in the middle of the last Goethe's resting place could be. "The house of a man like Goethe could not have a foof: The light that he sought, would be hidden under a roof", Chillida is said to have commented.


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Location (N 50°6'45" - E 8°40'10")

Item Code: dehs218; Photograph: 28 September 2014
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