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Frankfurt am Main
Stadt Frankfurt am Main



Bronzetür Kaiserdom

Bronze Door of the Cathedral

Hans Mettel

Frankfurt am Main /  Bronzetür Kaiserdom   Frankfurt am Main /  Bronzetür Kaiserdom


Bronze door with reliefs of the prophets in the south portal of the Frankfurt Cathedral. The depicted prophets are:

    Left door:
  1. david - David, the second king of the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah (crown and harp) (Wikipedia).
  2. isaias - Isaiah (Wikipedia).
  3. daniel - Daniel, protagonist in the Book of Daniel of the Bible (scroll and fire) (Wikipedia)
  4. jeremias - Jeremiah (Wikipedia).
    Right door:
  5. michaeas - Micah (Wikipedia).
  6. ezechiel - Ezekiel (Wikipedia).
  7. johanes - St. John the Evangelist (Wikipedia).

Frankfurt am Main - Bronzetür Kaiserdom
1 - 4
Frankfurt am Main - Bronzetür Kaiserdom
5 - 7


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Because of the restauration and the many gitters, these doors are the only sculptures from the Kaiserdom on this site.


Sources & Information


  • Bronze door
  • David (king)
  • Ezekiel
  • Isaiah
  • Jeremiah
  • John the Evangelist, St.
  • Mettel, Hans
  • Micah
  • Prophet
  • Location (N 50°6'37" - E 8°41'7")

    Item Code: dehs200; Photograph: 28 September 2014
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