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Rotenburg an der Fulda
Lkr. Hersfeld-Rotenburg



Der Sparer mit Schwein

The Saver with Pig

also: "Bauer nach dem Handel" (Farmer after trading) of, on the sculptor's website "Bauer mit Schwein" (Farmer with pig)
Ewald Rumpf

Rotenburg an der Fulda /  Der Sparer mit Schwein   Rotenburg an der Fulda /  Der Sparer mit Schwein


Bronze statue of a farmer with a moneybag and a pig.

Rotenburg an der Fulda - Der Sparer mit Schwein Rotenburg an der Fulda - Der Sparer mit Schwein


„Der Sparer mit Schweinʺ

Anno 2008

Spende der Sparkasse Bas Hersfeld - Rotenburg


Since the founding of the city the cityscape and the local community is dominated by rural presence. Farmers supplied the citizens with food, the butchers with cattle, the weaver with flax, and the tanner with skins. The North Hessian farmers were a hardworking, tough breed of people and very frugal as well.

Grimly or with mischievous pleasure the farmer stuffed his Kreuzer, Heller or even Taler (old German coinage) from the livestock trading or other transactions in his purse. Up until the 60s many farms were located in the middle of the city such as in today's Post Road the courts Blackert and Meyfahrt.


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Location (N 50°59'50" - E 9°43'55")

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Item Code: dehs139; Photograph: 7 August 2013
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