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Prinz-Emil-Veteranen-Denkmal – "Riwwelmaddes"

Prince Emil Veterans Memorial

Johann Baptist Scholl

Darmstadt /  Prinz-Emil-Veteranen-Denkmal – "Riwwelmaddes"   Darmstadt /  Prinz-Emil-Veteranen-Denkmal – "Riwwelmaddes"


Stone statue of a Teutonic warrior with a distinctive helmet with buffalo horns, a sword and shield with text. The statue is placed in a niche in a 10 m [30 ft] tall sandstone gothic turret.


Die Errichtung dieses Denkmals
war die Aufgabe
des Prinz Emil-Veteranenvereins.
Ausgeführt v. I.B. Scholl - Enthüllt d. 9 Juni 1852

On the shield:

Den in den Schlachten
und Gefechten von 1792
bis 1815 gefallenen
Großherzoglich Hessischen
Kriegern gewidmet
von ihren


Emil von Hessen und bei Rhein (Darmstadt 1790 - Baden-Baden 1856), Prince of Hessen-Darmstadt, was patron of the association of the veterans of the revolutionary wars, who erected this monument.

The statue was erected by the Prince Emil Veterans Association, and should recall the loyalty and the bravery of the Grand Ducal Hessian troops. With much pomp and fanfare it was inaugurated on 9 June 1852 at the Marienplatz. Grand Duke Ludwig III of Hesse and by Rhine was present, as well as many citizens of Darmstadt. In this time lived on the Dippelshof near Traisa a certain Matthias Riebel, who had participated in previous campaigns. Supposedly he was chosen by the court sculptors, father and son Scholl, as the model for the Teutonic warrior. Anyway - as the statue was unveiled the veterans recognized their comrade: "That's so Riewel Matthes!" This became was in the course of time the popular name of the monument: Riwwelmaddes (~Itching Matthias).

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Locatie (N 49°52'42" - E 8°39'5") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

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