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Sankt Joseph mit Jesus

Saint Joseph with Jesus

the husband of the Virgin Mary and the earthly father of Jesus Christ (in distinction to God, his "heavenly father")


Gernsheim /  Sankt Joseph mit Jesus   Gernsheim /  Sankt Joseph mit Jesus


Stone statue of St. Joseph with the Infant Jesus in his arms, standing on a golden sphere, hold by angels. On the faces of the pedestal are reliefs:
  1. Inscription, surmounted by an angel holding a ribbon with the text "ite ad ioseph gen. c41 geht hinzu Joseph Cap 41v56"
  2. A carpenter building a house.
  3. The Flight to Egypt
At the chamfers carouche with "renov. 1979 and "renov. 1994.

Gernsheim - Sankt Joseph
Gernsheim - Sankt Joseph
Gernsheim - Sankt Joseph


hanC sanCtI IosephI
effIgIeM CIVItatIs
hVIatIs patronI speCIalIter
eLeCtI, CIVes ex
proposIto posVerVnt
S. iosephe, ora pro nobis
Chronogram 1751
the L is not large!

Information Sign

Denkmal des Hl. Josef

Errichtet 1751, Meister unbekannt.
Dieses Bildnis des heiligen Josef,
des besonderen Erwählter dieser Stadt,
setzten die Bürger auf Grund
eines Gelübdes.

Depictions of Saint Joseph

Joseph is usually depicted as a bearded man in a classic robe. His attributes are: He can be accompanied by Jesus


Location (N 49°45'5" - E 8°29'2")

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Item Code: dehs097; Photograph: 30 September 2012
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