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(Stadt Waldeck)
Lkr. Waldeck-Frankenberg


Korbacher straße

Wolrad Kreusler

Arolsen 1817 - Brandenburg an der Havel 1901
German physician and poet, wrote the patriottic song König Wilhelm saß ganz heiter
Hans Dietzsch-Sachsenhausen

Sachsenhausen /  Wolrad Kreusler   Sachsenhausen /  Wolrad Kreusler


Bronze eagle with coat of arms of Waldeck-Pyrmont on a stone pedestal with on the front face a bronze portrait of Wolrad Kreusler. Under the eagle the years 1870-71, under the portrait 1911

Sachsenhausen - Wolrad Kreusler Sachsenhausen - Wolrad Kreusler Sachsenhausen - Wolrad Kreusler



Dem Dichter des Liedes
"König Wilhelm sass ganz heiter"
zum ehrenden Gedächtnis

On the other faces the names of "die mitkämpfer 1870-71 aus sachsenhausen" (among them Kreusler's son) and "die mitkämpfer 1870-71 aus o. werbe - alraft - n.werbe"


(eagle) h.h. dietzsch

War memorial - list of names

We have photos of the list(s) of fallen on this memorial. Contact us if you want to see these lists. (contact form)



Location (N 51°14'40" - E 9°0'21")

Item Code: dehs088; Photograph: 14 September 2012
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