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Limburg an der Lahn
Lkr. Limburg-Weilburg


Fischmarkt 12
(Nassauer Haus)

Personen aus der Limburger Geschichte

Persons from the history of Limburg

Berthold Conrady

Limburg an der Lahn /  Personen aus der Limburger Geschichte   Limburg an der Lahn /  Personen aus der Limburger Geschichte


Housedoor with eight bronze reliefs showing persons from the history of Limburg an der Lahn:
  1. König Konrad I. 911-918
    Conrad I (c. 890 - 918), Duke of Franconia from 906 and King of Germany from 911 to 918 (Wikipedia).
  2. Konrad Kurzbold 902-948
    (c. 885/890 - 948), Count of the Niederlahngau (Lower Lahngau) (Wikipedia).
  3. König Adolf 1292-1298
    Adolf of Nassau (before 1250 - near Göllheim 1298), King of Germany from 1292 until 1298 (Wikipedia).
  4. Johann von Limburg 1266-1312
    Johann I. von Limburg - John of Isenburg-Limburg (birth unknown - Limburg an der Lahn 1312), from 1289 Count of (Isenburg-) Limburg and the head of the House of Limburg (Wikipedia).
  5. wilhelm von oranien 1533-1584
    Wilhelm I Prinz von Oranien - William I, Prince of Orange (Dillenburg 1533 - Delft 1584), Count of Nassau-Dillenburg, Prince of Orange, main leader of the Dutch revolt against the Spanish (Wikipedia).
  6. hermann hellingk 1447-1519
    Hermann Helling (Hellingh, Hellingk) (1447-1519), vicar of the Mainz cathedral.
  7. herzog wilhelm von nassau 1792-1839
    Wilhelm I Herzog von Nassau - Wilhelm I, Duke of Nassau (Kirchheimbolanden 1792 - Bad Kissingen 1839), Duke of Nassau 1816-1839 (Wikipedia).
  8. bischof jakob brand 1782-1840
    Jakob Brand (Neudorf, Spessart 1776 - 1833), first bishop of Limburg (1827-1833) (Wikipedia).


Signed: B



  • Adolph (King of Germany)
  • Bishop
  • Brand, Jakob
  • Conrady, Berthold
  • Helling, Hermann
  • History Sculpture
  • Johann von Limburg
  • Konrad I King of Germany
  • Konrad Kurzbold
  • Monarch
  • Wilhelm I Herzog von Nassau
  • William I (Prince of Orange)
  • Location (N 50°23'20" - E 8°3'50")

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    Item Code: dehs073; Photograph: 29 September 2011  / updated: 15 November 2012
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