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Weißenburg in Bayern
Lkr. Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen




Schweppermann Fountain

Hans Georg Schwickard
1685/86 (copy of 1966)

Weißenburg in Bayern /  Schweppermannsbrunnen   Weißenburg in Bayern /  Schweppermannsbrunnen


Statue of a soldier with a lance, on a column in a fountain. In fact it is a kind of Roland, but in the 19th century the fountain was said to refer to a legend, according to which a Weißenburg troop under captain Schweppermann fought victoriously in the Battle of Mühldorf in 1322 on the side of Louis of Bavaria against the Habsburg Frederick the Handsome.


The original statue is in the Reichsstadtmuseum Weißenburg


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Location (N 49°1'50" - E 10°58'19")

Item Code: deby392; Photograph: 11 October 2014
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