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Rüdiger Fountain

Figure from the Nibelungen saga, whose existence is historically not confirmed
Franz Metzner
1904/15 (1970)

Neugablonz /  Rüdiger-Brunnen   Neugablonz /  Rüdiger-Brunnen


Bronze statue of Rüdiger of Bechelaren, a character from the Nibelungen saga. He is shown deep in prayer, his sword resting on his arms, at the moment of making the decision whether to keep faith with the Huns or the Burgundians. The statue has a granite base, encased with six relief panels showing male torsos.

Neugablonz - Rüdiger-Brunnen Neugablonz - Rüdiger-Brunnen Neugablonz - Rüdiger-Brunnen Neugablonz - Rüdiger-Brunnen


von franz metzner
bis 1945 wahrzeichen der stadt gablonz/neisse
1968 durch neugablonzer bürger von der
regierung der cssr käflich erworben
1970 in neugablonz wieder aufgestellt.
anpflanzung- u. verschönerungsverein


franz metzner 1915


The fountain was from 1931-1945 a landmark of the city Gablonz an der Neiße (now Jablonec nad Nisou) and in 1970 reconstructed using the original sculpture and reliefs in the Kaufbeuren district Neugablonz (New Gablonz). Metzler had sculpted the statue for a Nibelungen Fountain in Vienna, which was not built.


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Location (N 47°54'26" - E 10°38'10")

Item Code: deby340; Photograph: 7 October 2014
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