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Stadt Ansbach




Ans-Bach Column

Johann Sebastian Bach
Eisenach 1685 - Leipzig 1750
German composer
Jürgen Goertz

Ansbach /  Ans-Bach-Säule   Ansbach /  Ans-Bach-Säule


Aluminium sculpture shaped as a kind of upside down column: the pedestal is on the top of a column. On the column are silhouet portraits of Bach. The four sides of the 'block' on top show:
  1. a relief portrait of Bach with Bach's signature,
  2. a sphere with music notation, "Das Königliche Thema",
  3. a stone relief showing Bach's portrait divided in four parts, in the center a alumnium plate with the text "B.A.C.H.", music notation with the dates 1685-1750, and a silhouet portrait.
  4. a kind of gramophone record with Bach's signature and the text "Musikalisches Opfer"


Signed: (portrait) 25.7.2003 Jürgen Goertz
(stone relief) Jürgen Goertz 25.7.03


Unveiled 25 July 2003.



Location (N 49°18'10" - E 10°34'18")

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Item Code: deby259; Photograph: 29 September 2011
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