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Stadt Nürnberg


Lorenzer Platz


Virtues Fountain

Benedikt Wurzelbauer

Nürnberg /  Tugendbrunnen   Nürnberg /  Tugendbrunnen


Fountain with a central column with three storeys with statues:
  1. Top: Gerechtigkeit - Justice, blindfolded woman with scales and sword, with behind here a crane.
  2. Middle: six music-making putti with coats of arms (each coat of arms appears twice):
    1. Great arms of Nürnberg (eagle with a king's head)
    2. Holy Roman Empire (crowned, double-headed eagle)
    3. Small arms of Nürnberg (eagle and red bends)

    Great arms of Nürnberg

    Holy Roman Empire

    Small arms of Nürnberg
  3. Lower: six virtues
    1. Glaube - Faith, woman with chalice and cross.
    2. Liebe - Charity, woman with two children.
    3. Hoffnung - Hope, woman with anchor.
    4. Tapferheit - Fortitude, armoured woman with gun and lion.
    5. Mäßigkeit - Temperance, woman pouring wine from a jug in a goblet.
    6. Geduld - Patience, woman with lamb.

    Faith Charity Hope Fortitude Temperance Patience
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On the column are three texts:

Soli Deo
Anno Domini

Seven Virtues

In the Catholic catechism, the seven virtues refer to the combination of two lists of virtues, the 4 cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, restraint or temperance, and courage or fortitude, (from ancient greek philosophy) and the 3 theological virtues of faith, hope, and love or charity (from the letters of Paul of Tarsus); these were adopted by the Church Fathers as the seven virtues.

In art they are often depicted as young women with characteristic symbols: Four cardinal virtues:

  1. Justitia (Justice) - sword, balance and scales, crown
  2. Temperantia (Temperance) - wheel, bridle and reins, vegetables and fish, cup, water and wine in two jugs
  3. Fortitido (Fortitude) - armor, club, with a lion, palm, tower, yoke, broken column
  4. Prudentia (Prudence) - book, scroll, mirror (occasionally attacked by a serpent)
Theological Virtues:
  1. Fides (Faith) - cross, pointing upward, staff and chalice, lamp, candle
  2. Spes (Hope) - anchor, harp, flaming brand, palm
  3. Caritas (Love) - flaming heart, with children, gathering fruit


Sources & Information


  • Charity (Charitas)
  • Coat of arms
  • Faith (Fides)
  • Hope (Spes)
  • Justice (Justitia)
  • Patience (Patientia)
  • Strength (Fortitudo)
  • Temperantia
  • Virtues
  • Wurzelbauer, Benedikt
  • Locatie (N 49°27'4" - E 11°4'40") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: deby245; Photograph: 28 September 2011
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