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Chronos- oder Moenusbrunnen

Chronos or Moenus Fountain

Johann Peter Wagner

Würzburg /  Chronos- oder Moenusbrunnen   Würzburg /  Chronos- oder Moenusbrunnen


Classic temple-shaped fountain with on top a man with wings, pointing to the residence, along with a female character who writes something down. One interpretation of this group of figures is that it shows Chronos (the god of time) commissioned Clio (the muse of history) to report on the residence in the history books. On the front side of the temple, in a niche, is Moenus, the river god of the Main.

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Built on the initiative of prince-bishop Adam Friedrich von Seinsheim. Originally, the figures were painted white and decorated with gold. In the 1870s the figures were weathered so much that a copy was made. Moenus had been redesigned in romantic style.

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  • Country: Germany
  • Chronos
  • Clio
  • Coat of arms
  • Fountain
  • Main (personification)
  • Moenus
  • River god/goddess
  • Wagner, Johann Peter
  • Location (N 49°47'35" - E 9°56'7")

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    Item Code: deby189; Photograph: 27 September 2011
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