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Stadt Würzburg


Kürschnerhof 2 1/2

Heiligenstatuen am Neumünster

Saint Statues at the Neum√ľnster

Jakob van der Auvera

Würzburg /  Heiligenstatuen am Neumünster   Würzburg /  Heiligenstatuen am Neumünster


Seven statues in the façade of the Neumünster:
  1. Christus Salvator - Christ, making a blessing gesture and holding an orb.
  2. St. Kilian, bishop with sword, book and bishop's staff.
    (Ireland c. 640 - Würzburg c. 689), Irish missionary bishop and the apostle of Franconia, where he began his labours towards the end of the 7th century (Wikipedia).
  3. St. Burkard - St. Burchard of Würzburg, bishop with sword, book with an crown and bishop's staff.
    (England 6-- - Würzburg c. 750), Bishop of Würzburg in 741-754 (Wikipedia).
  4. St. Totnan, priest with chalice and martyr's palm.
    (Ireland 6-- - Würzburg c. 689), one of the Irish Franconian apostles who was martyred along with Saint Colman and Saint Kilian (Wikipedia).
  5. St. Kolonat - St. Colman, priest with knife and book.
    (Ireland 6-- - Würzburg c. 689), companion of Kilian and Totnan, missionaries to Franconia, Germany (Wikipedia).
    the two patron saints of prince-bishop Johann Philipp von Greiffenklau (1699-1719), and since 1908 the two patron saints of the church:
  6. St. Johannes der Täufer - St. John the Baptist, with staff and a lamb at his feet.
    (c. 6 BC- c. 36 AD), itinerant preacher and a major religious figure who led a movement of baptism at the Jordan River. He baptized Jesus at "Bethany beyond the Jordan." (Wikipedia).
  7. St. Johannes der Evangelist - St. John the Evangelist, with book and feather and an eagle at his feet.
    conventional name for the author of the Gospel of John - considered to be the same person as John the Apostle (Wikipedia).
Christ St. Kilian St. Burchard St. Totnan St. Colman St. John the Baptist St. John the Evangelist
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The tympan above the entrance has a relief of the ascension of St. Mary, the tympan at the top shows the coat of arms of prince-bishop Johann Philipp von Greiffenklau (1699-1719). On the façade are the inscriptions:

s.s.m.m. chiliano et sociis patriæ patronis

anno mdccxvi posui joannes philippus episcopus herbipolensis f.o.d.



The façade is designed by Joh. Dientzenhofer.

Sources & Information


  • Auvera, Jakob van der
  • Burchard of Würzburg, St.
  • Christ
  • Colman, St.
  • Façade with statues (church)
  • John the Baptist, St.
  • John the Evangelist, St.
  • Kilian, St.
  • Totnan, St.
  • Tympanum
  • Location (N 49°47'37" - E 9°55'52")

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    Item Code: deby176; Photograph: 27 September 2011
    Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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