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Stadt Passau




Patron Saints Fountain

Leopold Hafner
ca. 1980 ?

Passau /  Patronatsbrunnen   Passau /  Patronatsbrunnen


Fountain of concrete and bronze with the four patron saints of Passau:
  1. Sankt Stephanus - protomartyr of Christianity, preached shortly after Jesus' crucifixion. He is condemned for blasphemy and stoned to death by an infuriated mob (Wikipedia).
  2. St. Severin von Norikum - (ca. 410-482), known as the "Apostle to Noricum". It has been speculated that he was born in either Southern Italy or in the Roman province of Africa, after the death of Attila in 453. Severinus himself refused to discuss his personal history before his appearance along the Danube in Noricum. Founder of the Batavis/Boitrum convent in Passau. Patron saint of Bavaria (Wikipedia).
  3. St. Valentin von Rätien - († c. 475), first bishop of Passau; patron saint of the diocese of Passau (Wikipedia).
  4. St. Maximilian von Lorch - († 288) was born in Celeia in the Noricum province (now Celje in Slovenia), and in adulthood made a pilgrimage to Rome. Pope Sixtus II sent him to Lorch, where he was beheaded by the Roman Prefect Numerian after refusing to abandon Christianity and sacrifice to the pagan gods. Second patron of the diocese of Lorch (Wikipedia).

St. Severin

St. Valentin

St. Maximilian

On the edge of the basin are three coats-of-arms.



Locatie (N 48°34'28" - E 13°27'55") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: deby131; Photograph: 16 February 2011
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