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Stadt Passau



Kriegerdenkmal 1914-18

War Memorial 1914-18

Archangel, the field commander of the Army of God. He is often depicted slaying Satan represented as a dragon, and with a shield with text quis ut deus (Who is like God?, a literal translation of the name Michael).
artist unknown

Passau /  Kriegerdenkmal 1914-18   Passau /  Kriegerdenkmal 1914-18


Relief of St. Michael with sword and shield with the coat of arms of Bavaria, standing with one foot on a dragon.


dem gedenken
der im weltkriege 1914-18
gefallenen helden der
stadt passau und des
k.b.16. infant. regiments

Saint Michael and the dragon

The motif of Michael and the dragon appears in Michael's fight with Samael in the Assumption of Moses, a Jewish apocryphal work.
The characteristic difference with the other dragonslayer saint George is that Michael as an angel is always depicted with wings.



Location (N 48°34'28" - E 13°27'53")

Item Code: deby130; Photograph: 16 February 2011
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