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Fish Fountain

Konrad Knoll & Josef Henselmann

München /  Fischbrunnen   München /  Fischbrunnen


Octagonal basin with a central column with a fish on top. Around the column sit three 'Metzgerburschen' (butchers' apprentices) pouring water from buckets in the basin. On the octagonal basin are reliefs:
Fischbrunnen (München) - Cattle


Fischbrunnen (München)- Butcher's shop

Butcher's shop.

Fischbrunnen (München) - Cattle with coffin (?)

Cattle with coffin (?)

Fischbrunnen (München) - Selling meat on the market

Selling meat on the market.

Fischbrunnen (München)- Woman in forest (?)

Woman in forest (?)

Fischbrunnen (München)- Preparing meat

Preparing meat

Fischbrunnen (München) - A fisherman in his boat

A fisherman in his boat

Fischbrunnen (München) - Feeding chicken

Feeding chicken


figuren gestaltet 1884 von konrad knoll
becken gestaltet 1954 von josef henselmann


The original fountain was almost completely destroyed in 1944. It was reconstructed in 1954 by Henselmann, who made the reliefs and the sculpture of the fish.

Fischbrunnen (München)- Henselmann's fish

The three butchers' apprentices are from the original fountain. Knoll's original statues of music playing children, standing around the central column, are now in the Karlstor.


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  • Butcher
  • Cattle (bull / cow / calf)
  • Chicken (Rooster / Hen)
  • Fish
  • Fisherman
  • Fountain
  • Henselmann, Josef
  • Knoll, Konrad
  • Man with bucket
  • Ship / boat
  • Locatie (N 48°8'14" - E 11°34'34") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: deby045; Photograph: 5 September 2010
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