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König Maximilian I. Joseph von Bayern

Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria

Schwetzingen nr. Mannheim 1756-München 1825
prince-elector of Bavaria (as Maximilian IV Joseph) from 1799 to 1805 and king of Bavaria (as Maximilian I) from 1806 to 1825
Christian Daniel Rauch & Leo von Klenze
Johann Baptist Stiglmaier

München /  König Maximilian I. Joseph von Bayern   München /  König Maximilian I. Joseph von Bayern


Bronze statue of the king in his coronation mantle sitting on his throne with a bronze socle, showing in the upper part the king's name and reliefs and the lower part armour and on the corners four lions.

Reliefs and statues on the pedestal with description after Cheney (additions in [italics])

upper pedestal lower pedestal
Maximilian I. Joseph (München) - science


max. iosepho
regi bavariae
cives monacenses
The representation of science by an astronomer, who investigatges the heavens with his telescope, while a figure of Night discloses the constellations from under her veil; and on the other side, by the biologist, who gazes with wonder at the singular forms which Tellus reaches up from out of her depths. Thus Rauch paid honor to those scientific men, such as Oken, Schubert, Schelling, Fraunhofer, whom King Ludwig had welcomed to add to the glory of Munich (Cheney p. 175).
Maximilian I. Joseph (München) - armour (west side)
Maximilian I. Joseph (München) - law and agriculture

The... relief, in the composition of which Rietschel [=Ernst Rietschel, Pulsnitz 1804-Dresden 1861] assisted, represented law and agriculture. Both are treated allegorically.

Maximilian I. Joseph (München) - Felicitas Publica fill up a space with he [Rauch] thought looked empty, he introduced two figures. One of these, finally called "Felicitas Publica" [female figure with cornucopia], became a very favorite statue for decoration, and has been repeated many times.
Maximilian I. Joseph (München) - giving of the consitution

...represent the giving of the consitution...

Maximilian I. Joseph (München) - armour (east side)
Maximilian I. Joseph (München) - religion and art

He has represented the two great branches of the Christian church by the figures of its priests, with an angel between them, extending her hands to the shoulders of eacht, while the light of the Holy Ghost on her head illumines all around. The Catholic has the features of the Court Bishop von Straber [Franz Ignaz von Streber (1758-1841) - Wikipedia], who was personally known to Rauch; and the Protestant is modelled from the portrait of Von Schmidt [Ludwig Friedrich von Schmidt (1764-1857) - Wikipedia], cabinet preacher of Queen Caroline, and the leading Protestant minister in Munich.
Equally interesting is the representation of art in the second field. In the first sketch the figures were purely allegorical, but Rauch finally took the portrait of Cornelius [Peter von Cornelius] sitting at the easel for the principal figure. On the left the sculptor is working and looking up to a plaster group of Charity, while on the right sits the architect [Leo von Klenze] taking measures for a ground-plan, and behind him, in the background, are workmen raising stones.

Maximilian I. Joseph (München) - Bavaria
...he [Rauch] designed a Bavaria for the other side of the pedestal, as a companion to the Felicitas.


leo klenze archit. invenit
chr. rauch fecit 1835 i.b. stiglmaier fudit.

on the stone part of the socle:

figur gestaltet 1835 von
christian daniel rauch
sockel gestaltet von
leo von klenze


Sources & Information


  • Biologist
  • Bishop
  • Cornelius, Peter von
  • Felicitas Publica
  • Klenze, Leo von
  • Klenze, Leo von
  • Man (sitting)
  • Maximilian I Joseph (King of Bavaria)
  • Monarch
  • Night (allegory)
  • Preacher
  • Rauch, Christian Daniel
  • Rietschel, Ernst
  • Schmidt, Ludwig Friedrich von
  • Sculptor
  • Statue (man sitting)
  • Stiglmaier, Johann Baptist
  • Streber, Franz Ignaz von
  • Woman with cornucopia
  • Locatie (N 48°8'23" - E 11°34'41") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: deby037; Photograph: 4 September 2010
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