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Lkr. Konstanz




Imperial Fountain

Barbara Rumpf & Gernot Rumpf

Konstanz /  Kaiserbrunnen   Konstanz /  Kaiserbrunnen


Late 19th century red sandstone obelisk in a granite fountain. In niches in the column, at and around the fountain basin are several late 20th century sculptures, showing 11 figures and scenes that tell of the medieval history of the Holy Roman Empire in reference to Konstanz.

Niches in the Fountain column

Emperor's busts with a bronze seal with their names on the balustrade in front of them and on the faucets below them.

    Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen
    Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen
    Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen
    Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen

  1. Friedrich I. Barbarossa / Frederick I Barbarossa (ca. 1122 - 1190), German Holy Roman Emperor. He was elected King of Germany at Frankfurt on 4 March 1152 and crowned in Aachen on 9 March, crowned King of Italy in Pavia in 1155, and finally crowned Roman Emperor by Pope Adrian IV, on 18 June 1155 (Wikipedia).
    Bust with crown and a a fish through its body.
    Faucet and Seal: FRIEDRICH I. BARBAROSSA 1122-1190.
  2. Maximilian I (Wiener Neustadt 1459 - Wels 1519), King of the Romans (also known as King of the Germans) from 1486 and Holy Roman Emperor from 1493 until his death (Wikipedia).
    Bust with hat and cloak.
    Faucet and Seal: MAXIMILIAN I. 1459-1519
  3. Otto I., der Große / Otto the Great (912 - Memleben 973), founder of the Holy Roman Empire, reigning from 936 until his death in 973 (Wikipedia).
    Bust with staff and orb, and a bird on his shoulder.
    Faucet and Seal: OTTO I. 912-973
  4. Niche closed with a bronze door, with slightly opens at the bottom where a bird escapes.
    Faucet: FUTURUM

    Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen
    Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen
    Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen
    Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen
    Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen

On the balustrade of the fountain basin

  1. A three-headed peacock with three tiaras, symbolising the three Popes and Antipopes during the Great Schisma, which led to the Council of Constance (1414 and 1418).
  2. Bianca Sforza (Milano 1472 - Innsbruck 1510) was Holy Roman Empress as the second wife of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor (Wikipedia).
    The little bird on her bonnet at intervals spits water into Maximilian's outstretched hand.
  3. A pair of pigeons, one with an imperial crown the other with a bishop's mitre, representing religious and worldly power. In between them a small mouse.
  4. A document with the text of the Peace of Constance (1183) and two seals. On the documents sits a peace dove.

Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen
Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen
Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen
Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen
Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen

Around the fountain basin

  1. Small circular basin with six 'Seehasen' (lake-hares), half fish half hare.
  2. A hare (below the woman's bust).
  3. A horse with saddle and cloth.

Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen
Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen
Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen
Konstanz - Kaiserbrunnen


erneuert a.d. 1993


gestaltung | BARBARA & GERNOT | RUMPF BILDHAUER | zu neustadt-weinstrasse | a.d. 1993


Created in 1897 by the sculptor Hans Baur, during the 1940s the fountain lost its original decorative figures, the four German emperors Heinrich III, Friedrich Barbarossa, Maximilan I and Wilhelm I. Professor Gernot Rumpf redesigned the structure and concealed within it a number of allusions to Constance's past. Two of the four emperors returned as caricatures, and Otto I was added.


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  • Dove/Pigeon
  • Fish
  • Fountain
  • Frederick Barbarossa (emperor)
  • Hare
  • Horse
  • Maximilian I (emperor)
  • Monarch
  • Otto I (emperor)
  • Peacock
  • Rumpf, Barbara
  • Rumpf, Gernot
  • Locatie (N 47°39'37" - E 9°10'29") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: debw277; Photograph: 3 October 2014
    Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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