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Karl-Henning Seemann

Tübingen /  Auseinandersetzung   Tübingen /  Auseinandersetzung


Bronze sculpturegroup, showing a fat and a thin man, showing a discussion between a Gôg (an inhabitant of the old town of Tübungen) and a professor of Tübingen university, inspired by Gôgen-Witz (Gôg-joke), probably this one:
Em guada
Ein Tübinger Professor begeht einen gewöhnlich offenen Fußweg zur Zeit der Weinlese, in der der Weg für Unbefugte verboten ist.
Ein Gog ruft ihm zu: "Machschd, dass d' aus meim Wengert raus kommschd, du Siach, oder i hau dr d' Laif a´, dass d´ uf de Schdompa hoimgraddla muaschd."
Der Professor: "Ach entschuldigen Sie, ich habe das Verbot übersehen." Wengerter: "Drom sait mr´s jo au em Guada"
Translation by Helena Amen:
Amicable (im Guten)
A professor from Tübingen is walking on an usually open path at times of grape harvest, when entry is forbidden for unauthorized persons.
A Gog calls out: "Wretch! Get out of my vineyard, or I chop off your feet so you'll have to crawl home on your stumps!"
The professor: "Oh, I'm sorry, I missed the forbiddance."
Vine dresser: "That's why we said it nicely."
And her explanation:
The 'joke' is, that people in this area are really straight-forward and sometimes even are loud or harsh, but they don't mean it.
While the artist might have been inspired by this joke, the sculpure itself leads even further: the joke 'just' referrs the conflict between elites (professor) and 'normal' citizen (Gog). The sculpture itself doesn't show those two people, but a model of generations: It's the conflict of young generation of '68 and the older 'war-generation' (sorry, I lack a better word for it), which was pretty up-to-date back when he created the sculpture.

The same sculpture were placed in Tübingen, Düsseldorf and Braunschweig (on the sculptor's website it says 'Stuttgart' whre obviously Tübingen is meant).


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Locatie (N 48°31'14" - E 9°3'13") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: debw226; Photograph: 30 September 2014  / updated: 16 August 2020
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