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Neptune's Fountain

Poseidon (Ποσειδῶν) in Greek, or Neptunus, in Roman mythology
god of water and the sea
(Wikipedia: Poseidon and Neptune)
David Fahrner
1947 (1617)

Tübingen /  Neptunbrunnen   Tübingen /  Neptunbrunnen


Statue of Neptune with trident, standing on a fish, on a square column in three tiers with various sculptures:
  1. Upper tier: the base of the Neptune statue with four putti.
  2. Central tier: four niches with statues of virtues (?). Vanity Temperance Music Woman with apple

    Tübingen - Neptunbrunnen
    Tübingen - Neptunbrunnen
    Tübingen - Neptunbrunnen
    Tübingen - Neptunbrunnen
    Woman with apple

  3. Lower tier: lion's head spouting water and four statues of nymphs on the corners. Nymph with flute Nymph with shell Nymph with corn Dancing Nymph (?)

    Tübingen - Neptunbrunnen
    Nymph with flute
    Tübingen - Neptunbrunnen
    Nymph with shell
    Tübingen - Neptunbrunnen
    Nymph with corn
    Tübingen - Neptunbrunnen
    Dancing Nymph (?)


The present fountain is a reconstruction by David Fahrner of the 1617 fountain.


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Location (N 48°31'13" - E 9°3'12")

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Item Code: debw225; Photograph: 30 September 2014
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