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Wilhelmstraße / Hauptstraße


Everyday People

Christel Lechner

Sinsheim /  Alltagsmenschen


Five statues of glass fiber reinforced concrete, in two groups:
  1. at the Grabengasse:
    1. female football player
    2. football fan sitting on a wall.
  2. at the Hauptstraße
    1. female tourist sitting on a wall with a backpack under her feet.
    2. man with his hands in his pockets
    3. man with a briefcase

Sinsheim - Alltagsmenschen
Sinsheim - Alltagsmenschen
Sinsheim - Alltagsmenschen
Sinsheim - Alltagsmenschen
Sinsheim - Alltagsmenschen


C. Lechner



Sinsheim in 2011 was the venue for the FIFA Women's World Cup. As part of the World Cup cultural program the five ordinary people - including a female football player with a fan - in front of the Volksbank Kraichgau were inaugurated.

Alltagsmenschen - Everyday People

From Christel Lechner's website (tranlated):
Often a distant observer is amazed, imagining real people in front of him. But as you get closer, the life-size concrete sculptures develop their very own effect and dynamics: They are an artistic staging of the ordinary - touching snapshots that show what is commonly overlooked: the life lived in its purest form, unembellished and yet far from banality. ‚Äč Everyday people enliven the public space where they meet people: they sit on the bench, deep in conversation or simply together, enjoy the sun and remember the beauty of the moment. Their positioning underscores the claim to normality: the sculptures are approachable - they invite you to be surrounded, touched or simply looked at in peace.

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  • Country: Germany
  • Fan
  • Football player
  • Lechner, Christel
  • Man (sitting)
  • Manager
  • Tourist
  • Woman (sitting)
  • Location (N 49°15'11" - E 8°52'43")

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    Item Code: debw184; Photograph: 30 September 2012
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