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Marbach am Neckar
Lkr. Ludwigsburg




Woodwose Fountain


Marbach am Neckar /  Wilder-Mann-Brunnen   Marbach am Neckar /  Wilder-Mann-Brunnen


Stone statue of a wild man with a shield with the coat of arms of Marbach.

Marbach am Neckar - Wilder-Mann-Brunnen


Signed: HB 1974

Information Sign


Der 1690 genannte Niklasbrunnen erhielt wohl zu
Beginn des 18. Jahrhunderts die Wilde-Mann-Figur
als Wappenhalter des Marbacher Stadtwappens.
Die bereits im 16. Jahrhunderts belegte Figur gilt
mit dem Namen "Mars Bacchus" nach der Sage
als Gründer Marbachs.


The wild man is the supporter for heraldic coats-of-arms of Marbach (and many other German towns). This wild man was meant to protect Marbach and its citizens. According to an old legend this man was living in the forests near the town and haunted all people passing. For the citizens of Marbach the wild man was related to ancient gods. Because he is armed with a club he is associated with the Roman god of war - Mars, and because he has vine-twigs around his waist - with Bacchus - the god of wine. Many thought that the name of Marbach derives from Mars Bacchus. Later this theory was abolished.


Location (N 48°56'27" - E 9°15'31")

Item Code: debw170; Photograph: 26 September 2012
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