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Pallas Athene

Athena or Pallas Athena (Παλλὰς Ἀθηνᾶ) in Greek, or Minerva, in Roman mythology the goddess of war, civilization, wisdom, etc. She is often depicted with an owl, which symbolizes her ties to wisdom.
(Wikipedia: Athena and Minerva)
Karl Albiker

Heidelberg /  Pallas Athene   Heidelberg /  Pallas Athene


Bronze façade statue of a seated Pallas Athene with statue of Nike and spear. Under the statue the text "DEM LEBENDIGEN GEIST".

Heidelberg - Pallas Athene


The New University building is constructed by Carl Grube in 1931-34. The only artful decoration it offers is a sculpture of Pallas Athene above the main entrance, with a caption penned by the scholar Friedrich Gundolf: "Dem Lebendigen Geist" (To the living spirit). In the National Socialistic time Athene was replaced by a German eagle and the inscription by "To the German spirit".


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Location (N 49°24'38" - E 8°42'23")

Item Code: debw160; Photograph: 26 September 2012  / updated: 3 December 2014
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