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Stadt Heidelberg


Hauptstraße 45

Die Erfinder des Buchdrucks

The Inventors of the printing press

Gutenberg, Schöffer und Fust
artist unknown

Heidelberg /  Die Erfinder des Buchdrucks   Heidelberg /  Die Erfinder des Buchdrucks


Three mosaics in the corner oriel:
  1. Fust - (Mainz c. 1400 - Paris 1466), early German printer a goldsmith, lawyer, and money lender. On account of his connection with Gutenberg, he has been called the inventor of printing, and the instructor as well as the partner of Gutenberg, others see him as Gutenberg's patron and benefactor (Wikipedia).
  2. Gutenberg - (Mainz c. 1398 - 1468), German goldsmith, credited with being the inventor of the mechanical printing press (Wikipedia).
  3. Schoeffer - (Gernsheim c. 1425 - Mainz 1503), German printer, studied in Paris and worked as a manuscript copyist in 1451 before apprenticing with Johannes Gutenberg and joining Johann Fust, a goldsmith, lawyer, and money lender (Wikipedia).






Locatie (N 49°24'37" - E 8°41'50") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: debw070; Photograph: 26 September 2011
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