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Stadt Heidelberg


Hauptstraße 75


born Clemens Pankert or Giovanni Clementi
Salurn (Tirol) 1702 - c. 1773/80
court jester in Heidelberg
artist unknown

Heidelberg /  Perkeo   Heidelberg /  Perkeo


Statue of a man drinking wine from a goblet.


Pankert adopted the nickname "Perkeo" after he famously replied "perché no?" (Italian for "why not?") many times after being asked if he wanted another glass of wine at various court events. Since he knew much about wine, he was also given the responsibility of looking after the castle's wine stocks. (Many found amusement in the striking contrast that tiny, funny Perkeo was in charge of the largest wine barrel in the world, the massive Heidelberg Tun, while famously having a severe drinking problem.) According to popular legend, Perkeo lived happily into his eighties having never drank anything in his life, save for wine. Yet one day he took ill and the town doctor had him drink water. He died the next day.



Locatie (N 49°24'39" - E 8°42'2") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: debw067; Photograph: 26 September 2011
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