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Stadt Heidelberg


(Heidelberger Schloß - Dicker Turm)

Ludwig V. und Friedrich V. von der Pfalz

Louis V and Frederick V Count Palatines of the Rhine

artist unknown

Heidelberg /  Ludwig V. und Friedrich V. von der Pfalz   Heidelberg /  Ludwig V. und Friedrich V. von der Pfalz


Two stone statues in niches and a text plaque between them, placed in the south wall of the Dicker Turm (Fat Tower):


lvdovicvs com. pal. r. elec. dvx bavar.
b m. olem hanc exstrvxit a.c. mdxxxiii
fridericvs v. com. pal. r. elec.
s.r.i. vicarivs bavar. dvx
ad zonam vsq. destrvxit
refecit fornicibvs distinxit
coenacvli attitvdini xxxiii ped. addidit.
colvmnam totivs tecti molem svstinentem
emedio svstvlit
immoto incorrvptoqve tecto
haec monvmenta posvit
a.s. mdcxix
Ludwig, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Elector and Duke of Bavaria,
has constructed this building in 1533
Frederick V, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Elector and
acting head of the Holy Roman Empire, Duke of Bavaria,
has the same demolished up to the cornice,
rebuilt, with a vaulted ceiling,
enlarged the height of the dining room by 33 feet,
had the central pillar carrying of the load of the whole roof
without removing and damaging the roof
and these monuments placed
in the year of Our Lord 1619


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Location (N 49°24'38" - E 8°42'51")

Item Code: debw055; Photograph: 26 September 2011
Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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