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Stadt Potsdam


Am Alten Markt

Obelisk auf dem Alten Markt

Obelisk on the old Market Square

Gottlieb Heymüller

Potsdam /  Obelisk auf dem Alten Markt   Potsdam /  Obelisk auf dem Alten Markt


16 m high obelisk with at the base four medallions with the portraits of the architects
  1. georg wenzeslaus von knobelsdorff 1699-1753
    Hans Georg Wenzeslaus Freiherr von Knobelsdorff (Gut Kuckädel bei Crossen an der Oder 1699 - Berlin 1753), painter and architect in Prussia. (Wikipedia).
  2. carl phillip christian von gontard 1731-1791
    Carl Phillip Christian von Gontard (Mannheim 1731 - Breslau 1791), Prussian architect (Wikipedia).
  3. friedrich ludwig persius 1803-1845
    Friedrich Ludwig Persius (Potsdam 1803 - Potsdam 1845), Prussian architect (Wikipedia).
  4. karl friedrich schinkel 1781-1841
    Karl Friedrich Schinkel (Neuruppin 1781 - Berlin 1841), German architect (Wikipedia).
Potsdam - Obelisk auf dem Alten Markt
Potsdam - Obelisk auf dem Alten Markt
Potsdam - Obelisk auf dem Alten Markt
Potsdam - Obelisk auf dem Alten Markt

And on the corners of the pedestal four figures of ancient orators, made by Gottlieb Heymüller, and on top of the base four sphinxes.

Potsdam - Obelisk auf dem Alten Markt Potsdam - Obelisk auf dem Alten Markt Potsdam - Obelisk auf dem Alten Markt Potsdam - Obelisk auf dem Alten Markt


The obelisk was erected from 1753 to 1755 in connection with representative transformation of Potsdam, ordered by Frederick II. During one of his visits in Italy, the King's architect, George von Knobelsdorff noticed obelisks brought by the Romans from Egypt and decided to add this feature to the multinational design of the Potsdam. The base of Knobelsdorff's obelisk was adorned with four medallions showing the Elector Friedrich Wilhelm and the Prussian kings Frederick I, Frederick William I and Frederick II. They were created by Giese.

After the Second World War, the medallions were removed for political reasons. In 1969 the dilapidated obelisk had to be dismantled. Ten years later, the obelisk was rebuilt. Because white Carrara marble from Italy was too expensive for the medallions and decorations, replacement of Yugoslavia was used. The red Silesian marble was replaced by Russian. The four antique statues at the base are still the originals, made by Gottlieb Heymüller. The four medallions at the bottom of the obelisk were replaced with portraits of Potsdam 's most influential architects.,


Sources & Information


  • Country: Germany
  • Architect
  • Commemorative Needle Column or Obelisk
  • Gontard, Carl von
  • Heymüller, Gottlieb
  • Knobelsdorff, Georg Wenzeslaus von
  • Persius, Friedrich Ludwig
  • Schinkel, Karl Friedrich
  • Location (N 52°23'45" - E 13°3'40")

    Item Code: debr007; Photograph: 11 August 2013
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