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(Bezirk Mitte)
Stadt Berlin

Land Berlin

Unter den Linden 6
(Humboldt Universität)

Lise Meitner

Wien 1878 - Cambridge 1968
Austrian-Swedish physicist who worked on radioactivity and nuclear physics
Anna Franziska Schwarzbach

Berlin /  Lise Meitner   Berlin /  Lise Meitner


Statue of Lise Meitner on the edge of an imposing, black pedestal. Together, the two form a single ensemble of particular significance: "Outstanding women are rarely put on a pedestal. How difficult it must have been for a woman to work in science, how even more difficult to be respected. That gave me the idea to make the pedestal as wide as possible, as a way to commemorate the many 'non-pedestalled'," said the sculptor.

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anna franziska schwarzbach, 2014
lise meitner (1878-1968)
figur: bronze
sockel: kunststein

Court of Honour of the Humboldt University

In the front court or "court of honour" (Ehrenhof) of the Humboldt University are several memorial statues dedicated to some key figures in the history of arts, sciences, and the university: Hermann Helmholtz, Lise Meitner, Max Planck, and Theodor Mommsen.

Berlin - Humboldt University


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Locatie (N 52°31'4" - E 13°23'38") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: debe115; Photograph: 31 August 2022
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