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Am Lustgarten 1
(Berliner Dom)

Luther Reliefs am Dom

Luther Reliefs at the Cathedral

Martin Luther
Eisleben 1483 - Eisleben 1546
German priest and professor of theology who initiated the Protestant Reformation
Gerhard Janensch & Johannes Götz

Berlin /  Luther Reliefs am Dom   Berlin /  Luther Reliefs am Dom


Below the two pairs of Evangelist statues are reliefs of Luther, resp. before the Diet of Worms, 18 April 1521, and among the reformers

Berlin - Luther Reliefs am Dom
Luther vor dem Wormser Reichstag / Luther before the Diet of Worms by Gerhard Janensch
Berlin - Luther Reliefs am Dom
Luther im Kreis der Reformatoren / Luther among the Reformers by Johannes Götz
Depicted are from left to right:
  • schurf - Hieronymus Schurff, lawyer (Wikipedia).
  • luther - Martin Luther.
  • philipp v. hessen - Landgraf Philipp I. von Hessen (Wikipedia).
  • friedrich d. weise - Kurfürst Friedrich III. der Weise von Sachsen (Wikipedia).
  • ioh. eck - Johann von Eck, lawyer (Wikipedia).
  • kaiser karl v - Emperor Charles V (Wikipedia).
Depicted are from left to right:
  • forster - Johann Forster (Wikipedia).
  • bugenhagen - Johannes Bugenhagen (Wikipedia).
  • kruziger - Caspar Cruciger der Ältere (Wikipedia).
  • melanchton - Philipp_Melanchthon (Wikipedia).
  • aurogallus - Matthäus Aurogallus, German Goldhahn (Wikipedia).
  • luther - Martin Luther.
  • ionas - Justus Jonas der Ältere (Wikipedia).


G. Janensch fec. 1904 and johannes götz

Sculptures at the Berlin Cathedral

The Berlin Cathedral has an extensive sculpture program which is shown on this website in seven different pages.

We visited the Cathedral on 31 August 2022. Because of construction works it was not possible to make photos of several of the statues.


Sources & Information


  • Charles V (emperor)
  • Cruciger, Caspar sr.
  • Eck, Johann von
  • Forster, Johann
  • Frederick III (Elector of Saxony)
  • Götz, Johannes
  • Janensch, Gerhard
  • Jonas, Justus
  • Lawyer
  • Luther, Martin
  • Melanchthon, Phillipp
  • Monarch
  • Philip I (Landgrave of Hessen)
  • Reformer
  • Schurff, Hieronymus
  • Locatie (N 52°31'8" - E 13°24'2") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: debe111; Photograph: 31 August 2022
    Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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