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Joachim II. von Brandenburg

Joachim II Hector, Elector of Brandenburg

Cölln an der Spree 1505 - Köpenick 1571
Prince-elector of the Margraviate of Brandenburg, 1535-1571)
Erdmann Encke
Kunstgießerei Lauchhammer

Berlin /  Joachim II. von Brandenburg   Berlin /  Joachim II. von Brandenburg


Bronze statue of the prince with a sword in his left hand and with his right hand on a book. The pedestal is of red granite and has four bronze plaques, one with text and the others with reliefs:
  1. (left:) Joachim II in a (fictional) interview with Martin Luther, Philipp Melanchthon and Johannes Agricola.
  2. (right:) Joachim II receives the sacrament in both kinds (the Protestant communion) by the bishop of Brandenburg, Matthias von Jagow.
  3. (back:) Elizabeth, the mother of Joachim II, and his brother John. The scene suggests that Elizabeth through the influence of her brother Christian II of Denmark (against the will of her husband Joachim I) tended to Lutheranism and tried to pass it on to their sons.

Berlin - Joachim II. von Brandenburg
Berlin - Joachim II. von Brandenburg
Berlin - Joachim II. von Brandenburg


dem kurfuersten v. brandenburg


am 350. gedenktage des
am november 1539 in der
st. nicolai=kirche zu span=
dau geschehene feierlichen
uebertritts dieses fuer=
sten zum evangel. glauben
errichtet 1889


Geg. Lauchhammer


On 1 November 1539 the Reformation was introduced in the Mark Brandenburg. On this day, Elector Joachim II received in the St. Nicholas Church of Spandau from the Bishop of Brandenburg Matthias von Jagow, the sacrament in both kinds, that is, with bread and wine, with which he manifested the conversion to the Lutheran Confessions. On the occasion of the 350th Anniversary this monument was built in 1889 in front of the portal of the church.


Sources & Information


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  • Joachim II Elector of Brandenburg
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  • Luther, Martin
  • Melanchthon, Phillipp
  • Monarch
  • Statue
  • Theologian
  • Location (N 52°32'17" - E 13°12'17")

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