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Burggrafenstraße 6
(Deutsches Institut für Normung)

C.P.W. Beuth und W. von Humboldt

C.P.W. Beuth and W. von Humboldt

Gustav Bläser
1878 (1987)

Berlin /  C.P.W. Beuth und W. von Humboldt   Berlin /  C.P.W. Beuth und W. von Humboldt


Bronze statues of Beuth and Humboldt standing next to each other, without pedestal.

Berlin - C.P.W. Beuth und W. von Humboldt
C.P.W. Beuth
Berlin - C.P.W. Beuth und W. von Humboldt
W. von Humboldt


c.p.w. beuth
w.v. humboldt
gustav blaeser 1878


The statues stand in front of the house of the German Institute for Standardization and the Beuth Verlag (No. 6). They belonged originally to the monument to Friedrich Wilhelm III, King of Prussia, made by Gustav Hermann Blaeser, Alexander Calandrelli and Rudolf Schweinitz for the city of Cologne, where it was unveiled in 1878. After suffering heavy damage during World War II, the equestrian statue was scrapped, and the individual base figures erected in other places. Both statues are at this location in Berlin since 1987 (an other source says it are recasts). - The statue in Cologne was reconstructed in 2009, with all its base figures.

C.P.W. Beuth und W. von Humboldt


Sources & Information


  • Country: Germany
  • Beuth, Christian Peter Wilhelm
  • Bläser, Gustav
  • Humboldt, Wilhelm von
  • Philosopher
  • Politician/Statesman
  • Statue (two men)
  • Statue
  • Location (N 52°30'18" - E 13°20'36")

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    Item Code: debe064; Photograph: 10 August 2013
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