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Stadt Berlin

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Richard Wagner

(Leipzig 1813 - Venezia/Venice 1883)
German composer, conductor, theatre director and polemicist primarily known for his operas
Gustav Eberlein

Berlin /  Richard Wagner   Berlin /  Richard Wagner


Marble statue of of Richard Wagner sitting on a chair, the left hand rests on the arm of the chair, while the right fist clenched above a bunch of sheet music. The base is surrounded by characters from Wagner's works:

Berlin - Richard Wagner
Berlin - Richard Wagner
  1. (front) Wolfram von Eschenbach from the opera Tannhäuser with the lyre in his left hand. The laurel wreath and oak branch at his right foot, refer to eternal glory.
  2. (left) Tannhäuser from the eponymous opera in pilgrim garb is lying down.
  3. (right) Brunhild mourns over Siegfried, who is lying dead before her; from Wagner's opera Der Ring des Nibelungen.
  4. (back) Alberich spanning with his arms the Nibelungen treasure, and one of the daughters of the Rhine who engages in teasing Alberich's beard.

Berlin - Richard Wagner
Berlin - Richard Wagner




g. eberlein fec. 1903.


Unveiled 1 September 1903. The monument came rather undamaged through World War II, but because of vandalism and erosion restauration was necessary in the 1980s. Because it was too large to replace by a replica, the monument was in 1987 protected by a canopy, a steel structure in the form of a plexiglass covered barrel vault, design by architect Marianne Wagner.


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  • Alberich
  • Brunhild
  • Composer
  • Eberlein, Gustav
  • Eschenbach, Wolfram von
  • Man (sitting)
  • Nibelungen
  • Siegfried
  • Statue (man sitting)
  • Tannhäuser
  • Wagner, Richard
  • Locatie (N 52°30'36" - E 13°21'42") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: debe048; Photograph: 10 August 2013
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