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(Bezirk Mitte)
Stadt Berlin

Land Berlin

Unter den Linden 6
(Humboldt Universität)

Alexander von Humboldt

Berlin 1769 - Berlin 1859
Prussian geographer, naturalist and explorer
Reinhold Begas & Paul Otto

Berlin /  Alexander von Humboldt   Berlin /  Alexander von Humboldt


Marble statue of Humboldt sitting on a chair, with a plant in his hand. Next to him stands a globe, with South America visible, and a large book with dried plants. On the sides of the pedestal are his name and two reliefs with allegorical representation of natural history. These reliefs are sculpted by Martin Paul Otto:
  1. ALEXANDER von HUMBOLDT, within a laurel wreath, on which a lizard, a beetle, a bird and a snake, the whole in a cartouche, with two putti with telescopes.
  2. A sitting woman and a small boy reading a large book, and on the flour a putto measuring the width of the Atlantic Ocean on a globe. In the background a wall with a map of the West-Indies.
  3. A nude woman with two babies in a landscape.

Berlin - Alexander von Humboldt Berlin - Alexander von Humboldt Berlin - Alexander von Humboldt
Berlin - Alexander von Humboldt Berlin - Alexander von Humboldt Berlin - Alexander von Humboldt

On the front an extra text was added:

al segundo descibridor de cuba
la universidad de la habana 1939

Unveiled 28 May 1883 together with the statue of his brother Wilhelm von Humboldt.


R. Begas fecit 1882


Court of Honour of the Humboldt University

In the front court or "court of honour" (Ehrenhof) of the Humboldt University are several memorial statues dedicated to some key figures in the history of arts, sciences, and the university: Hermann Helmholtz, Lise Meitner, Max Planck, and Theodor Mommsen.

Berlin - Humboldt University

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  • Beetle
  • Begas, Reinhold
  • Bird
  • Boy (reading)
  • Explorer
  • Geographer
  • Globe
  • Humboldt, Alexander von
  • Lizard
  • Man (sitting)
  • Naturalist
  • Otto, Paul
  • Statue (man sitting)
  • Woman (sitting)
  • Woman with children
  • Location (N 52°31'3" - E 13°23'38")

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