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Pomník světové války se sochou Masaryk

War Memorial with Statue of T. Masaryk

Tomáš G. Masaryk
Hodonín 1850 - Lány 1937
founder and first President of Czechoslovakia
Julius Pelikán

Nové Veselí /  Pomník světové války se sochou Masaryk   Nové Veselí /  Pomník světové války se sochou Masaryk


Stone statue of Masaryk, with on the socle the text pravda vitezi (truth prevails). On a lower side wing of the monument is an allegorical relief showing a female figure with a broken torch, with text utrpenim k svobodě (from suffering for freedom).
On the side faces are lists of names of the fallen 1914-18 and 1939-45


Signed: pelikán

War memorial - list of names

We have photos of the list(s) of fallen on this memorial. Contact us if you want to see these lists. (contact form)


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Location (N 49°31'12" - E 15°54'24")

Item Code: czvy019; Photograph: 4 September 2012
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