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Svatý Jan Nepomucký

Saint John of Nepomuk

Nepomuk c. 1345 - Praha 1393
confessor of the queen of Bohemia, refused to divulge the secrets of the confessional. At the behest of King Wenceslaus of Bohemia he was thrown from the Charles Bridge in Prague and drowned. John of Nepomuk is patron saint of bridges


Nové Město na Moravě /  Svatý Jan Nepomucký   Nové Město na Moravě /  Svatý Jan Nepomucký


Stone statue of Saint John of Nepomuk, with cross. On the pedestal a chronogram and coat of arms.


nepoMVCe CLI...
anna IoannI
...IVoc PrzICkoVskI ML..D...
Chronogram ??

Statues of Saint John of Nepomuk

The figure of Saint John of Nepomuk is often encountered in Central and Eastern Europe, including the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Poland and Lithuania. He is usually portrayed with As additional figures there are often one of more little angels, respectively There are several sites listing statues of Saint John of Nepomuk:


Location (N 49°33'41" - E 16°4'28")

Item Code: czvy011; Photograph: 4 September 2012
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