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Svatý Václav

Saint Wenceslas

c. 907 - 935
duke of Bohemia, raised as Christian by his grandmother, Saint Ludmila. He was murdered in 935 on his way to church. Patron saint of the Czech people and the Czech Republic
Vincenc Vosmík

Praha /  Svatý Václav   Praha /  Svatý Václav


Sandstone statue of St. Wenceslas


s. venceslae martyr ac patrone
ora pro hac civitate ac tota
cara patria nostra!
f.f. dr. franc. krasl, episc. eleutheropolit
et decanus s. metrop. ecclesiae per
sculptorem vinc. vosmik a.d. 1906


The baroque pedestal is actually more interesting than the statue itself. It is the work of Italian sculptor and stuccoworker O. Mosto from the period before 1700. The pedestal was originally standing on the Charles Bridge and held his group of statues of St. Wenceslas between two angels, which fell into the Vltava River during a flood in 1784. Later it was replaced by St. Ludmila with little Wenceslas by M. B. Braun.


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Location (N 50°5'20" - E 14°23'54")

Item Code: czpr037; Photograph: 18 February 2011
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