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Plzeňský kraj

Námĕstí Augustina Nĕmejce / Plzeňská
(Kostel sv. Jana Nepomuckého)

Svĕtcí minulého tisíciletí

Saints of the last millennium

Various sculptors

Nepomuk /  Svĕtcí minulého tisíciletí


Sandstone statues of five saints who lived in the second millennium. Theme of the 3rd International Sculptural and Woodcarving Symposium of Nepomuk of 2000.


Svatý Václav / Saint Wenceslas
(c. 907 - 935), duke of Bohemia, raised as Christian by his grandmother, Saint Ludmila. He was murdered in 935 on his way to church. Patron saint of the Czech people and the Czech Republic (Wikipedia).

Sculpted by Bartolomĕj Štĕrba ml. and Marcel Stoklasa.
Signed: Bartolomĕj Štĕrba / marcel stoklasa / b ijs?


Svatá Ludmila / Saint Ludmila
(c. 860 - 921), martyr, grandmother of Saint Wenceslaus. Saint Ludmila is venerated as a patroness of Bohemia (Wikipedia).

Sculpted by Bartolomĕj Štĕrba ml.
Signed: bartolomĕj / Štĕrba / z kozojed


Svatý Vojtĕch / Saint Adalbert
(c. 956 - 997), bishop of Prague and a missionary, was martyred in his efforts to convert the Baltic Prussians. Patron saint of Bohemia, Poland, Hungary and Prussia (Wikipedia).

Sculpted by Helena and Jan Štĕrbovi.
Signed: helena a jan / Štĕrbovi


Svatá Anežka Česká / Saint Agnes of Bohemia
or Agnes of Prague (1211-1282), Bohemian princess who opted for a life of charity and piety over a life of luxury and comfort. Although she was venerated soon after her death, she was not beatified and canonized for over 700 years (Wikipedia).

Sculpted by Markéta Mézlová.
Signed: m. mézlová / 2000


Svatý Prokop / Saint Procopius
St Procopius of Sázava (died March 25, 1053), Czech saint, founding abbot of Sázava near Prague (Wikipedia).

Sculpted by Břetislav Holakovský.
Signed: HB 2000

Added is the relief of Saint Zdislava from the 2001 symposium.


Sources & Information


  • Agnes of Bohemia, St.
  • Holakovský, Břetislav
  • Ludmila, St.
  • Mézlová, Markéta
  • Procopius, St.
  • Štĕrba ml., Bartolomĕj
  • Štĕrba, Jan
  • Štĕrbova, Helena
  • Stoklasa, Marcel
  • Wenceslas, St.
  • Location (N 49°29'7" - E 13°34'51")

    Item Code: czpl018; Photograph: 17 February 2011  / updated: 21 November 2016
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