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Plzeňský kraj

Námĕstí Augustina Nĕmejce

Mĕsíce roku

The months of the year

Various sculptors

Nepomuk /  Mĕsíce roku   Nepomuk /  Mĕsíce roku


Twelve sandstone sculptures representing the twelve months of the year. Theme of the 5th International Sculptural and Woodcarving Symposium of Nepomuk of 2002.

January / Leden
A child in winter clothing and a dog.
Sculpted by Jana Rejmanová.

February / Únor
A woman with a mask and a fan.
Sculpted by Bartolomĕj Štĕrba ml.

March / Březen
A nude boy.
Sculpted by Gustav Mayer.

April / Duben
A woman in a cloak.
Sculpted by Aleš Benda.

May / Kvĕten
A nude woman coming out of a flowerlike structure.
Sculpted by Bartolomĕj Štĕrba ml.

June / Červen
A woman with flowers.
Sculpted by Helena Štĕrbova.

July / Červenec
A nude woman raising out of a stone.
Sculpted by Miroslav Kapras.

August / Srpen
A sitting woman with flowers.
Sculpted by Josef Kříž.

September / Září
A man eating grapes.
Sculpted by Lubomír Čmejla.

October / Řijen
A woman with grapes.
Sculpted by Pavel Boťa.

November / Listopad
A sitting man.
Sculpted by Eva Horáčková.

December / Prosinec
An old crouching man.
Sculpted by Tomáš Varinský.


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  • December
  • February
  • Horáčková, Eva
  • January
  • July
  • June
  • Kapras, Miroslav
  • Kříž, Josef
  • Man (crouching)
  • Man (sitting)
  • Man with grapes
  • March
  • May
  • Mayer, Gustav
  • Months (Twelve)
  • November
  • October
  • Rejmanová, Jana
  • September
  • Štĕrba ml., Bartolomĕj
  • Štĕrbova, Helena
  • Varinský, Tomáš
  • Woman (nude)
  • Woman in cloak
  • Woman with flowers
  • Woman with grapes
  • Woman with mask
  • Location (N 49°29'11" - E 13°34'56")

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    Item Code: czpl010; Photograph: 17 February 2011  / updated: 21 November 2016
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