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Válečný památník

War memorial


Klatovy /  Válečný památník   Klatovy /  Válečný památník


Plaque with relief of a soldier carrying a child and flowers.


9. kvĕtna 1945
osvobodila sovĕtská armáda

odhaleno v rámci oslav 700. výročí
založení mĕsta klatov
9th May 1945
the Soviet Army liberated

Unveiled as part of the celebrations of the 700th Anniversary
of founding of the town of Klatovy.


The statement that the Soviet Army liberated Czechoslovakia is incorrect. It is true that the major part of Czechoslovakia, including Prague, was liberated from the east by the Soviet Red Army. But the whole of Western Bohemia, including the major city of Plzeň - and Klatovy -, was liberated from the west by the Third US Army under General G.S. Patton. After the Communist seizure of power at the beginning of 1948, there was a systematic campaign to suppress all acknowledgement of the U.S. Army's role in liberating Western Bohemia. This effort continued until December 1989 when the Communists were removed from power. History textbooks declared that the whole of Czechoslovakia was freed from Nazi oppression by the valiant efforts of the Soviet Red Army.

After 1989 a second plaque was installed on which the facts of Czech history have been corrected. Klatovy was liberated on 5th May 1945 by the US Third Army under General Patton. The following day, they moved on and liberated Plzen.

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Location (N 49°23'41" - E 13°17'34")

Item Code: czpl002; Photograph: 17 February 2011
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