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Plzeňský kraj

Námĕstí Míru
(jezuitský kostel Neposkvrnĕného početí P. Marie a sv. Ignáce)

Sochy svatých na jezuitský kostel

Saint statues on the Jesuit Church


Klatovy /  Sochy svatých na jezuitský kostel   Klatovy /  Sochy svatých na jezuitský kostel


The front façade of the Jesuit Church has a statue of St. Mary on the top, this statue dates from 1675; a statue of St. Ignatius of Loyola, dating from 1736, above the entrance, and eight niches with statues of Jesuit saints (made after 1740).

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St. Mary
Panny Marie Immaculaty / St. Mary Immaculate Conception
The statue dates from 1675.
St. Ignace
Sv. Ignác z Loyoly / St. Ignatius of Loyala, Depicted with a book with the letters AMDG - 'Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam ' (To the greater glory of God), the motto of the Jesuit order.
The statue dates from 1736.
(1491-1556), Spanish knight from a Basque noble family, hermit, priest since 1537, and theologian, founded the Society of Jesus and was its first Superior General (Wikipedia).
St. Francis Xavier
Sv. František Xaverský / St. Francis Xavier - (Javier, Navarra 1506 - São João Island, China, 1552), pioneering Roman Catholic missionary, co-founder of the Society of Jesus (Wikipedia).
St. John Francis Regis
Sv. Ján František de Regis / St. John Francis Regis (Jean-François Régis) - (Jean-François Régis) (Fontcouverte (Aude) 1597 - Lalouvesc (Ardèche) 1640), French priest of the Society of Jesus. Canonized by Pope Clement XII in 1737 (Wikipedia).
St. Aloysius Gonzaga
Sv. Alois Gonzaga / St. Aloysius Gonzaga - (Castiglione delle Stiviere 1568 - Rome 1591) Italian Jesuit. Canonized by Pope Benedict XIII in 1726 (Wikipedia).
St. Francis Borgia
František Borgia / St Francis Borgia- (Gandia 1510 - Rome 1572), 4th Duke of Gandia, Grandee of Spain, (Catalan: Francesc de Borja, Spanish: Francisco de Borja), Spanish Jesuit and third Superior General of the Society of Jesus. Canonized by Pope Clement X in 1670. (Wikipedia).
Martyrs of Nagasaki

Martyrs of Nagasaki
The three first of the Twenty-six Martyrs of Japan, also known as Sts. Paul Miki and his Companions (sv. Pavel Miki a druhové), a group of Christians who were executed by crucifixion on February 5, 1597 at Nagasaki. They are beatified by Pope Urban VIII in 1627 and canonized by Pope Pius IX in 1862 (Wikipedia). The three depicted saints are:
  • Sv. Pavel Miki / St. Paul Miki (パウロ三木; Tounucumada c. 1562 - Nagasaki 1597), Japanese Jesuit seminarian (Wikipedia).
  • Sv. Jakub Kisai / St. James Kisai (Jacobus Kisai; Okayama 1533 - Nagasaki1597), Japanese Jesuit (Jesuit saints).
  • Sv. Jan Soan de Goto / St. John de Gotó (Joannes Soan; Goto archipelago 1578 - Nagasaki 1597) (Jesuit saints).
St. Stanislaus Kostka
Sv. Stanislav Kostka / St. Stanislaus Kostka - (Rostkowo 1550 - Rome 1568), (Polish: Stanisław Kostka) Polish novice of the Society of Jesus. Canonized by Pope Benedict XIII in 1726. (Wikipedia).
Young Jesuit
Young Jesuit, looking at the IHS symbol, probably symbolizing the Jesuit College in Klatovy
Young Jesuit
Young Jesuit, looking at the IHS symbol, probably symbolizing the Jesuit College in Klatovy


The Jesuit Church of the Immaculate Conception and St. Ignatius was built to the plans of Carlo Lurago and Dominico Orsini, who also supervised its construction for some time. The adaptation of the church front is attributed to Kilian Ignac Dietzenhofer. The location and the layout of the church was decided by the rector of the Jesuit College, pater Theodor Moretus.

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  • Façade with statues (church)
  • Francis Borgia, St.
  • Francis Xavier, St.
  • Ignatius of Loyola, St.
  • James Kisai, St.
  • Jesuit
  • John Francis Regis, St.
  • John de Gotó, St.
  • Mary, St.
  • Paul Miki, St.
  • Stanislaus Kostka, St.
  • Locatie (N 49°23'42" - E 13°17'33") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

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