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Fontána Svatého Floriana

Saint Florian Fountain

Saint Florian von Lorch (d. c. 304)
Roman officer in the province of Noricum (at present the region of Bavaria), responsible for organizing firefighting brigades. He is usually depicted pouring water from a pitcher over a fire


Svitavy /  Fontána Svatého Floriana   Svitavy /  Fontána Svatého Floriana


Statue of Saint Florian, a Roman soldier with a flag and throwing water from a bucket on a burning house, in the center of an octagonal fountain basin. On the pedestal the date 1783.

Svitavy - Fontána Svatého Floriana


Location (N 49°45'21" - E 16°28'4")

Item Code: czpa025; Photograph: 4 September 2012
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