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České Budějovice
Jihočeský kraj

Lannova třida


Michal Trpák
2007 (2009)

České Budějovice /  Humanoidi


Group of eight hurrying people.
There are only three different types, a girl (3x), a young man (3x) and an old man (2).

České Budějovice - Humanoidi České Budějovice - Humanoidi České Budějovice - Humanoidi

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michal trpák


The statue group Humanoidi was placed for the first time in ?eské Bud?jovice in the summer of 2007. Thereafter the statues were on display in many other places until they returned in October 2009 to ?eské Bud?jovice. In 2009, these statues were filled with synthetic resin and replaced on a permanent place in Lannova Street. These statues tell us something about our "crazy" time, they paraphrase hurrying people, officials and managers. The image of humanoids represents people, machines or instruments. A crowd that is being manipulated voluntarily under the pressure of materialism or general trends. Man ceases to be an individual, and becomes just a puppet of the system.

P.S. 12 September 2012 was a rainy day... The photos are therefore not as good as usual.


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Location (N 48°58'28" - E 14°28'44")

Item Code: czjc007; Photograph: 12 September 2012
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