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Zürich (Kanton)

(Grossmünster - Karlsturm)

Karl der Grosse


Charlemagne (Carolus Magnus) (unknown place 742 - Aachen 814)
King of the Franks (since 768) and Emperor (since 800)
Otto Münch
c. 1491 (copy 1933)

Zürich /  Karl der Grosse   Zürich /  Karl der Grosse


Stone statue of Charlemagne sitting with a sword on his lap. The statue is placed high in the west façade of the southern tower (Karsturm - Charles' Tower) of the Grossmünster (Great Minster), which was according to legend, originally commissioned by Charlemagne.

The original statue is in the crypt of the church.



Location (N 47°22'12" - E 8°32'37")

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Item Code: chzh006; Photograph: 2 October 2014
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