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Frau Tell mit Sohn Wilhelm

Mrs. Tell with son Wilhelm

Swiss folk hero who lived in the Canton of Uri in the early 14th century, with his mother
Toni Walker

Bürglen /  Frau Tell mit Sohn Wilhelm   Bürglen /  Frau Tell mit Sohn Wilhelm


Bronze statue of a woman with basket and boy with bow.


Donated by the Wilhelm Tell Museum at the occasions of the Museum's 50th Anniversary on 3 May 2007.

The official name of the statue is "Frau Tell mit Sohn Wilhelm" (Mrs. Tell with son Wilhelm), but it is not clear is "Mrs. Tell" is the hero's wife or his mother. According to the Tell forum the statue shows "Wilhelm Tells Frau Hedwig und Sohnemann Wilhelm" (William Tell's wife Hedwig and son Wilhelm). In the item about the donation of the statue in the Urnerwochenblatt the museum's director says: "Der Standort ist wunderbar gewählt. Vom Kirchplatz aus kann man die ganze Familie - Wilhelm Tell mit Sohn Walter und Frau Tell mit Sohn Wilhelm - sehen" (The location is perfectly chosen. From the Kirchplatz the complete family is visible: Wilhelm Tell with his son Walter and Mrs. Tell with son Wilhelm), referring to the old statue and this new one.



Location (N 46°52'29" - E 8°39'47")

Item Code: chur004; Photograph: 9 September 2007  / updated: 10 September 2009
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