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Eisenmann mit der Schaufel

The Iron Man with the Shovel

Peter Baumgartner
Meister Stahlbau

Altenrhein /  Eisenmann mit der Schaufel   Altenrhein /  Eisenmann mit der Schaufel


12 m tall steel sculpture of a man resting on a shovel. On the blad of the shovel are the flags of Switzerland and Austria with the river Rhine in between.

Altenrhein - Eisenmann mit der Schaufel


PB 2010


The sculpture is located on the mouth of the Altenrhein (Old Rhine) in the Bodensee (Lake of Constance). The river is the border between Switzerland and Austria. The 'iron man with the shovel' is a reminder to the reconstruction works in the area.

Altenrhein - Eisenmann mit der Schaufel


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Location (N 47°30'1" - E 9°33'39")

Item Code: chsg001; Photograph: 4 October 2014
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