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Ouro Preto
Minas Gerais

Rua Padre Rolim
(Igreja N.S. das Mercês e Misericórdia)

Virgem protegendo os escravos

Virgin protecting the slaves

Aleijandinho (Antonio Francisco Lisboa)

Ouro Preto /  Virgem protegendo os escravos   Ouro Preto /  Virgem protegendo os escravos


The Church of the Mercies of Cima was built in 1773. On the front façade is a soapstone relief, representing the Virgin with open arms, protecting in her mantle the slaves of the Moors. Above her is a banderole with the text: venite ad me omnes qui laboratis et ego reficiam vos, a quite from St. Matthew, 11:28: "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest".


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Location (S 20°23'1" - W 43°30'15")

Item Code: brmg088; Photograph: 15 July 2017
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