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Belo Horizonte
Minas Gerais

Praça Boa Viagem

Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem

Our Lady of Good Voyage

Vilma Nöel

Belo Horizonte /  Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem   Belo Horizonte /  Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem


Statue of St. Mary with a crown and stars around her.


(a prayer)

Imagem de Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem
esculpida pela artista plástica VILMA NOEL,
em comemoraçáo aos 300 anos de criaçáo desta Paróquia.

Com as bênçáos de
Arcebispo de Belo Horizonte,
e de
Pároco da Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem e
Reitor do Santuário Arquidiocesano de Adoraçáo Perpétua

Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem
Marco zero da história desta Capital
Coraçáo de Belo Horizonte
15 de Agosto de 2016.

Image of Our Lady of Good Voyage
Sculpted by the plastic artist Vilma Noel,
in commemoration of the 300 years of creation of this Parish.

With the blessings of
Dom Walmor Oliveira de Azevedo
Archbishop of Belo Horizonte,
and of
Padre Marcelo Carlos da Silva
Parish priest of the Church of Our Lady of Good Voyage
Rector of the Archdiocesan Sanctuary of Perpetual Adoration

Our Lady of Good Voyage
Zero landmark of the history of this Capital
Heart of Belo Horizonte
15 August 2016.

Depictions of Saint Mary

Saint Mary, as the mother of Jesus Christ, has a central role in the life of the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic veneration of her as the Blessed Virgin Mary has grown over time both in importance and manifestation, not only in prayer but in art, poetry and music. She is usually depicted as a beautiful young woman, with a (blue) mantle. In the majority of the depictions she is having the Infant Jesus in her arms or on her lap.
Attributes of Saint Mary: The Infant Jesus sometimes has some attributes too:



Location (S 19°55'43" - W 43°56'6")

Item Code: brmg042; Photograph: 9 July 2017
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