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Park van Tervuren
(Achter het Koloniënpaleis)

Claudius Civilis

Gaius Julius Civilis
leader of the Batavian rebellion against the Romans in 69 AD.
Various sculptors

Tervuren /  Claudius Civilis   Tervuren /  Claudius Civilis


Limestone statue of Claudius Civilis.


JL van GEEL | 1822
C. van VLIET | JM BAUP 2013


The original sculpture, the work of Johannes Ludovicus van Geel, was carved in limestone from the region of Valenciennes. This highly porous stone was used frequently during the Dutch period, including in the Palace of the Academies in Brussels. The sculpture had suffered from the weather and lost much of its detail. Besides stone erosion also the marble color painting HAD almost completely disappeared. Furthermore, the sculpture was severely damaged by vandals (a hand with the Roman Gladius short sword has disappeared).

On 13 May 2011 the statue was disassembled and transported to the sculptor's studio in Vilvoorde. There was made an exact copy. The original is kept as an archaeological relic and temporarily placed in a shed in the Park. On 6 May 2013 the replica was placed in the park.

Tervuren - Claudius Civilis


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Locatie (N 50°49'44" - E 4°31'0") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: bevb026; Photograph: 6 May 2015
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