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Namur (province)

Rue Arthur Defoin
(Roche Bayard)

Maurice Defoin

Dinant 1894 - near Profondeville 1927
Wood merchant, motorcyclist and co-founder of the Union Motor Dinant. Killed in a motor accident.
Alex Daoust

Dinant /  Maurice Defoin   Dinant /  Maurice Defoin


Monument with a bronze relief portrait of Maurice Defoin and his name, and in the lower part e bronze relief of the Death with his scythe and a crashed motor bike.

Dinant - Maurice Defoin


(portrait) A Daoust 1928
(Death relief) daoust

Dinant - Maurice Defoin


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Location (N 50°14'40" - E 4°55'16")

Item Code: bena068; Photograph: 25 May 2019
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