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John Cockerill

Haslingden, Lancashire 1790 - Warsaw 1840
Belgian (born British) entrepreneur. Founder of an ironworks and a mechanical engineering company John Cockerill & Cie.
Armand Cattier
Compagnie des Bronzes (Bruxelles)

Seraing /  John Cockerill   Seraing /  John Cockerill


Statue of John Cockerill contemplating with his right hand under his chin. At his feet lies a cogwheel and an anvil. The statue stands on a high square pedestal with chamfered corners. At the corners are cast iron statues of various workers from the Seraing industries founded by Cockerill:

Seraing - John Cockerill
Seraing - John Cockerill
Seraing - John Cockerill
Seraing - John Cockerill

  1. Jacquemin, le houilleur / the coal miner
  2. Beaufort, le mécanicien / the mechanic
  3. Lejeune, le puddleur / the puddler
  4. Lognoul, le forgeron / the blacksmith

At the front of the pedestal is Cockerill's coat of arms: a cross with four roosters, and a rooster standing on top of the shield, with the motto courage to the last. Below this arms is the inscription: JOHN COCKERILL 1790-1840. On the sides of the pedestal the words intelligence and travail were inscribed.

Seraing - John Cockerill

On the back side of the pedestal is an oval portrait medaillon of Hubert Brialmont of with the text:

Seraing - John Cockerill


de la
société cockerill
a la mémoire de
Hubert Brialmont
ingenieur en chef

The medaillon is signed: a. cattier and des Bronzes | Bruxelles

In front of the monument is Cockerill's tombstone.


Armand CATTIER | 1870.
cie des bronzes a bruxelles | directeur alph. verhaeren
the coal miner is signed Es ZEGUT | TUSEY MEUSE


Sources & Information


  • Cattier, Armand
  • Chicken (Rooster / Hen)
  • Cockerill, John
  • Compagnie des Bronzes (Bruxelles)
  • Entrepeneur
  • Jacquemin (miner)
  • Lejeune (puddler)
  • Lognoul (blacksmith)
  • Mechanic
  • Miner
  • Puddler
  • Smith
  • Statue (man)
  • Worker
  • Locatie (N 50°36'55" - E 5°30'32") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

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